I thought I had exhausted all my options for getting help with a long term shoulder injury, when I was told about Dion (Muscle Synergy). I now wish I had found him sooner! His tailored approach to my care as an individual has been very effective. To get this level of service while I am still young is a great advantage for me.

I was struggling with constant low back pain when standing and sitting.  After completing one phase, I haven’t experienced any more pain. I would be happy to recommend this program to anyone.

I used to experience constant pain in my lower back and knees.  A pain analysis revealed the cause of this pain. After the first phase of the program I immediately started to notice the difference and can now exercise without pain. Thank you Dion!

I was struggling with low back pain, hip pain and prolapse. Dion put my body in alignment and now I have no problems.

Dion is awesome! Just like to say how good the results are to date on my progress with this excellent program. I stand straighter and have regained some flexibility of my lower joints. Due to other health issues, I have had to put the revision of stage 2 on hold, but do hope to re-start shortly.

Dion’s program has given me increased flexibility and pain relief. I have also grown an inch due to the exercises which have made me stand straight rather than poking my head in front of me. (My close friend who was a professional model always told me I couldn’t walk straight and here I am, if she could see me now!!) Others have also remarked that I am standing and walking straight. Thank you Dion for all your time, patience and encouragement to get me to where I have progressed to – it’s great!!

I am 78yrs old and have been seeing Dion for the past 6 months. Dion has helped me greatly with my posture and well-being.   He tailors special exercise programs suited to each individual’s problems. I cannot stress enough the benefit I have achieved since starting on these exercises.  I would not hesitate in recommending Dion he knows exactly what is needed to correct a multitude of health and body problems.  As a big bonus Dion is a very nice young man always ready to help.

This program is amazing! I was a bit sceptical at first, but felt I had nothing to lose. Dion commenced by mapping a program to correct a lifetime of poor posture and incorrect body alignment. This has worked wonders on my hip soreness I have suffered for years. The exercises he set for me have improved me to the point I can now do a hard day’s work in the home and garden. It has kept me going. I can truly recommend this program.

I am 70 years old & have been experiencing knee problems & aggravating low back that limited the activities & ability to do normal things in my daily life. I noticed within the first weeks of my program a reduction in knee pain & back pain & as I continued my body became stronger, more stable & out of pain. I am in the last part of the program and I am able to walk, move and do all the regular activities I want to do without restriction. I can see via my photos my body has come into greater postural alignment & feel it inside my own body. I would recommend this program to anyone in pain and wanting better quality of life. You are mad if you don’t.

At age 62 I was finding it painful to walk even short distances due to Osteoarthritis in my right knee. My right leg was bowed and couldn’t be straightened. The doctors gave me no hope of improvement and suggested anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers until it became debilitating enough to warrant surgery. I was really discouraged as I’ve always been an active person. I then heard about Dion and the rehabilitation work he does. I was greatly encouraged during the first consultation when Dion explained that I could walk pain free again. During the time I’ve been following Dion’s program, my leg has straightened and strengthened and I’m now walking pain free much of the time. I’m actually enjoying going for a walk every morning. I have experienced a couple of setbacks but Dion has been able to refocus me in such a positive and encouraging way. I am looking forward to not only strengthening my knees but becoming a fit and active person again. With Dion’s expertise and some focused self discipline, I know this can achieved.

When I started the Muscle Synergy Program my body was a complete mess.  I had many years of back problems – even walking became a painful experience. I am thirty seven years old and my body was feeling like a ninety year old man.  My neck was painful & way out of alignment, my hips were twisted and both my knees were bowed severely.  I felt pain everywhere. After spending my first hour with Dion Argent I was out of pain. Within a week of starting my program, joints of my body had already changed.  I have almost completed stage two of the program and so much has changed for me, I still need to continue working on my bowed legs but my knees are getting better.  My plan is to return to the gym and strengthen my body when I am fixed. Thank you Dion for saving my body from complete disaster.

I had been experiencing severe shoulder pain, headaches and loss of sleep for many years and my symptoms were escalating. I seriously thought I would have to take early retirement as I work in the heavy steel industry. I received massage therapy for several months, which helped temporarily but did not solve my problems. My massage therapist recommended that I see Dion for a consultation. Initially I was very sceptical that I would receive any long-term relief because traditional medicine could only ever offer me medication or an operation. However, after finishing the course that Dion mapped out for me I am delighted to say I am pain free and sleeping through the night without any interruption of sleep due to pain. I have regained full movement in my shoulder and no longer experience headaches. Dion has also helped me to correct other potential future problems with my posture and provided me with a management plan that hopefully should ensure many more years of pain free living for which I am extremely grateful. A huge thank you Dion!!