Muscle Synergy Program

Step 1 Pain Relief Analysis

Your initial pain relief analysis will determine the underlying cause of your pain and reveal if permanent pain relief is possible for you. Repeat pain relief Analysis then chart your progress and monitor your actual correction and improvement until permanent pain relief. You benefit because we use two of the world’s best postural screening software programs. What this means to you is we can ensure consistent pinpoint accuracy of where your body is at and therefore determine precision results.

Step 2 Pain Relief Exercises

Your individual exercises are designed for pain relief and correcting the postural problems outlined in your pain relief analysis. Muscle Synergy has designed an exclusive process called Intuitive Programming to do this. We wait to see how your body responds to an exercise before prescribing or progressing to another. This programming method ensures each person is treated individually, because not one persons’ body is the same, nor responds the same.

Step 3 Pain Relief Library Subscription

Muscle Synergy has the worlds’ most comprehensive corrective exercise delivery library. After your Pain Relief exercises are prescribed, they are taught via video instruction and then illustrated in a 3D animated format, so you can observe the exercise “under the skin”. This attention to detail ensures correct technique and form which are essential to you achieving permanent pain relief.

Step 4 Pain Relief Consultation

Muscle Synergy offers face to face (in studio) or virtual (online) pain relief consultations. You can receive permanent pain relief with a money back guarantee anywhere in the world where you have access to the internet. Our weekly, fortnightly or monthly consultations are designed specifically for the level of support you need.