Initial Consultation

“Expect your jaw to drop when the symptoms of your pain are unveiled, without you communicating anything about them!” Sit down in front of your computer, television or in our clinic & watch your practitioner explain the basic symptoms of your pain without you saying a word. By measuring your body’s postural mis-alignments & actual joint positions through 3 dimensional planes, most of your past, present & future injuries & pain related problems can be found without you communicating anything about them. After this basic pain analysis, a detailed scientific data assessment is performed using the information found from your pain analysis. This kinematic assessment reveals “your secret body code” – the complex information needed to remove your pain forever, by restoring your body to optimal structural & functional alignment. Your secret body code is what differs you from everybody else and is formulated by complex anatomical calculations that have taken 10 years to develop. These calculations and scientific data are top secret and never disclosed to any client or practitioner to ensure our analysis & treatment system will never be replicated. Our intial consultation is arguably the best and most individualised pain analysis & assessment available world wide.



If you live in South East Queensland, Australia we can do an Initial Consultation in our Private Studio. If not, you are required to take photos of yourself & may be asked to perform some simple movement tests in which you will be shown specifically how to, via video instruction on our website.


The first half of your initial consultation will be performed after you send your photos. This first process is called a basic pain analysis and will outline some of your pain symptoms. This analysis will be performed in our studio or filmed for you to view on your computer or television as if you were live in the studio This basic analysis is followed by a scientific data assessment to find your “secret body code” & reveals the personalised information your practitioner needs to develop your individualised treatment program. This second half of the initial consultation is not performed by anyone, but the founder of the system himself. In no way will it be filmed or explained to anyone to protect the valuable information.