About Muscle Synergy


Muscle Synergy Pain Relief offers a holistic approach that restores the body to ideal musculoskeletal alignment structurally & functionally so people can live completely pain free & functioning at their very best. Muscle Synergy offer a revolutionary breakthrough in Pain Relief that is:


Targeted to find & treat the cause of pain instead of the symptom of pain- ensuring lifetime results not short term quick fixes.


Multi faceted, in that it has integrated the perspectives & practices of many allied health professions- not just one. Having only one professional qualification- that mass teaches & trains the same thing to hundreds of thousands of professionals creates a very limited view point.


Unique in that a majority of the analysis & treatment discoveries & methods are not used by anyone else in the world or ever been seen before.


Proven & measurable- in that all clients bodies are photographed & tested & observations recorded & monitored so changes can be seen photographically & experienced kinaesthetically. Your body is restored to correct structural & functional alignment that you see & feel- a true miracle!


Dion Argent designer of the Muscle Synergy Secret Body Code, Scientific Data & Photographic Profile & Lifetime Without Pain Treatment Program is a Performance Enhancement Specialist- graduating from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in the USA. In addition to his qualification- Dion has spent over 10 years independently researching & developing the Muscle Synergy Programs- through speciality studies in biomechanics, functional anatomy, applied kinesiology & human movement sciences. Dion currently operates Muscle Synergy Pain Relief Studio.