What is Muscle Synergy?

After over 20 years of studying the structure and function of our bodies joints and muscles, I am left amazed. Our body has been incredibly and intelligently designed and created. Every joint and muscle shape, size, length, angle, and composition reveals a profound, yet innovative engineering application.

Every joint and muscle although seeming to work independently, are all interconnected and joined. Joints are connected and affect other joints and muscles are connected and affect other muscles. Joints are also connected and affect muscles and muscles are connected and affect joints.

The response and reaction of every joint and muscle are remembered, processed, and controlled in milliseconds using the most sophisticated computer, the central nervous system. Our central nervous system is far superior to current computer technology.

Muscle Synergy is the term used to describe the balancing and working together of every joint and muscle process within the central nervous system. Your body needs muscle synergy for permanent pain relief.

Have a look at this short presentation into what is Muscle Synergy…